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MetaRivals #LUNC Burn Update: First Project To Implement #PlayToBurn & #MintToBurn

For the last many weeks, we have been receiving overwhelming support from the #LUNC community and this has made us more motivated than ever to launch the MetaRivals metaverse game with exclusive features, especially for LUNA CLASSIC Community.

We truly understand the need to bring a range of BURN mechanics into the LUNC chain to address and eradicate the excess LUNC tokens in circulations and to introduce new utilities to achieve the previous glory. That being said, we (LUNC Enthusiasts) have already achieved far greater glory than earlier in terms of community support.

What's #Mint2Burn

It is now time to unveil our plans to help the LUNC community remove the excess LUNC tokens in circulation. #Mint2BURN is a burning mechanism that we are currently launching exclusively for Luna Classic tokens that aim to buy back and burn LUNC tokens every time a LUNC token-inspired 3D character NFT is minted and sold in MetaRivals metaverse.

There is a range of options we have decided on and are now proposing them in front of you.

1st Option: Launching NFTs on LUNC-Based Marketplace

Launch the NFTs on a LUNC chain native NFT Marketplace and the sales of NFTs will initiate a 1.2% tax burn automatically. However, after doing our thorough research, we came to the conclusion that there are very few operating NFT marketplaces on the LUNC blockchain and those that exist do not have enough volume. And that's why the scope of 1.2% seems very limited in terms of generating high volumes of NFT sales and thus the burning.

2nd Option: Launching NFTs on a non-LUNC-Based Marketplace

Currently, there are plenty of options to launch our NFTs on a non-LUNC-based NFT marketplace that already hosts a high volume. However, the NFT sales won't directly contribute to the 1.2% LUNC tax burn.

But we are proposing a whopping 12% (yes, 10x of 1.2% burn) buyback and burn of LUNC tokens from the sales we will generate from the NFT launch on the non-LUNC-based NFT Marketplace. We have already partnered with Myria, a layer 2 Ethereum NFT marketplace where NFT trading volumes are quite high. They are happy to host our NFT sales (confirmed). We also are in communication with several other NFT marketplaces.

The community is free to choose either of the options and they are our way to implement the #MINTTOBURN mechanism for burning excess LUNC tokens and making the circulation limited. The sales will be hosted for a limited time only and we are also introducing a more permanent solution that we will cover in the next section, but we believe that our #Mint2BURN mechanism will burn a HUGE number of LUNC tokens and in a lot less short timeframe.

MetaRivals believes the power of the community is the strongest power in the blockchain world. And hence, we have decided to let you decide which option would you want to go with. Kindly vote below, and share the article with your community friends so they too can get to choose the future of LUNC.

Which Option Do You Prefer

  • Option 1

  • Option 2

What's #PlaytoBurn?

Now let's discuss a more permanent solution to burn the excess LUNC tokens in circulation by introducing World's first Metaverse #PlayToBurn game.

MetaRivals metaverse aims to bridge all crypto communities together by bringing them face to face with each other and battle it out for the glory and respect for their communities and also play with the 3D warrior avatars (enabled by owning their respective NFTs).

And this is why we are coming up with various features that make MetaRivals an integral part of the Luna Classic chain. Every time when you play the game and we drop #MRVL tokens in your wallet because of our #PlayToEarn mechanism, we will also be deploying an additional 12% of the game rewards to our ' #Play2Burn Fund Account' which we will then use to buy back and burn the tokens of the respective crypto-inspired 3D character you are playing with. Currently, we are supporting this feature exclusively for Luna Classic Players only to return the love and affection we have received from the LUNC community. This means that with every LUNC battle, 12% of the player's rewards will be used to buy back and burn LUNC.

Also, many dedicated gamers love to enhance the power levels of their warriors by buying more powerful weapons, shields, and even gaming skins. All these assets will be available in the form of NFTs and when you buy these NFTs via MRVL tokens (we offer a 10% discount on NFT purchased via $MRVL tokens), we will be diverting 12% of the MRVL tokens we receive from NFT sales to the '#PlayToBurn Fund Account'.

The burning will be done on a LIVESTREAM every week as proof of our commitment. We are still exploring more ways and options to implement our #PlayToBurn scheme. We are open to suggestions from the community.

When are we launching the MetaRivals game?

Developing a metaverse game that can connect so many different communities on the same platform is no easy task, however, thanks to our six months of development and hard work, we recently released our DEMO version of the game, and is now being tested by the team and few of our top community members and supporters.

Our public test version should go live this quarter on the Google Play Store where you can visit and try out the game to explore MetaRivals metaverse. The Final launch is expected to be released in Q1 of 2023. MetaRivals game is also planned to be launched on #JioGlass within the same quarter of its official launch. #JioGlass (a product of Jio Tesseract) is India's biggest mixed reality company, and a public subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited.

What is cooking up behind the MetaRivals?

We finalized the agreement last week and are now actively working on the development of our metaverse, gaming characters, and environment. We are building a number of partnerships that not only benefits the MetaRivals ecosystem but also those projects who launch their coin avatars on our platform.

We are also designing an avatar for a Japanese professional footballer, Kazuki Takahashi, who is our official Asian ambassador. We also intend on launching MRVL token in our IDO/IEO in Q1 2023 along with the launch of the game in order to keep our investors and community safe from the current market fluctuations and ensure a healthy market for #MRVL.

MetaRivals NFTs are not some ordinary NFTs that the current NFT industry is flooded with but are instead the first of their kind with features and powerful utilities never seen before.

If you liked what we are building, don't forget to Like and Retweet the below-mentioned tweet.

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