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MetaRivals - “The Binance of Metaverse”

Play to Earn games and the Metaverse are super trendy in the crypto world, with almost every project promising to bring something unique, whilst in reality most are clones of another idea or an existing project.

At MetaRivals we are building something different, revolutionary, fun and useful - that some are calling,

“The Binance of Metaverse ”

A BOLD claim, right? Yes, and here’s why!

Our vision is to connect the crypto community with promising projects in a way never previously imagined. While building a thrilling PVP game, we are infact creating a hub where community members will join together, express their love and rivalries for different tokens, and in the process learn and receive exposure to new coins and projects whilst connecting with others and enjoying themselves.

Here’s how we are doing this in 3 simple!

STEP 1 Building a thrilling, beautiful and entertaining beat 'em up game, bringing concept of well loved PVP games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and merging them with crypto, memecoins and various themes of the crypto community. How?

Because each warrior integrated within our ecosystem and with which they(the community) fights with are the visual representations (AVATARS) of various coins that they know and love (or hate!). Imagine watching the following battles:

  • Shiba the Fierce Warrior vs Avax the cute Ice Queen!

  • Luna the Deadly Wolf vs the Futuristic ApeCoin!

  • Kisha Inu the Classy Fighter vs Terra the Earth Golem!

STEP 2 Build a huge community of gamers who love the concept and want to fight for the supremacy of their favourite coins, and then incentivise them with $MRVL token rewards for playing, battles,. tournaments, staking, and many other ways through which you can participate in our utility filled ecosystem. (Check out our socials to see how enthusiastic our community is already!)
Create a MetaVerse in which crypto fans and players can not only fight but also get together, book their own spaces and battlefields, live out their dreams in a virtual setting, engage in tournaments, group battles, hang out, open a tavern or a shop, share news, info and trading tips, all in relation to everything crypto.
Ultimately we are uniting a fractionalised community that spans Telegram, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, CEXs and more, into a single audience - joining them together in a captivating game and unique MetaVerse. So, why should you integrate your coin, token or Project with us? Free Marketing, exposure to new users and strengthening your token’s utility ! Aside from the fact that it is super cool to see your coin or token get creatively transformed by our designers into a stunning avatar that will fight for glory…. The key benefits also include: 1️⃣ Unlocking a new utility for your coin. As we all know, (but many forget!) utility is one of the single most important factors in the long term health and growth of a coin. Consider the EIP-1559 Ethereum update in which Eth fees began to be burned and the resulting price explosion! Perhaps you have a gaming platform, and currently, the only utility is that your users can buy things in your ecosystem with your token. By integrating your coin with our game, you are providing your holders with a source of entertainment in which they can participate - evoking their feelings of loyalty and tribalism. (Already great and this is just the icing on the cake!). The secret strawberry sauce is here (and yes we have the rainbow sprinkles!) As our ecosystem develops, you will be able to integrate your coin directly into the MetaRivals game and MetaVerse, meaning that fans and holders can now play and enter into “Winner takes all Challenge Battles” using your currency! 2️⃣ HOST your project’s NFT sales and get a part of the sale proceeds When you host your NFT sale at any other platform, there is almost no utility of the NFT except what you bring on the table as a project. This changes in our ecosystem. When you host your NFT sale on our platform, you not only receive a share of the sale proceeds, but your NFT’s too receive an instant utility. The players holding those NFTs can integrate those NFT in the form of warriors in our game, enter into battles, enjoy and at the same time get rewards in $MRVL. As an additional utility, all such NFTs can be lent(and borrowed) in our marketplace by which you can earn interest on your NFTs while they are sitting idle.. sounds exciting? To us it does! 3️⃣ Get first mover advantage and all the benefits for free! Projects that sign up now will be integrated for free since we are in the initial phases, but later on as our ecosystem grows and we get thousands or even millions of users, projects will need to pay integration fees or prove their popularity, to join our MetaVerse gaming revolution. Finally, and most excitingly of all….. 4️⃣ Huge Project & Token Exposure and Growth in a Novel and Engaging Way Picture the scene, you’re a huge fan of BNB (Binance) coin and you hone your skills by fighting as the trusted captain CZ. Upon entering the arena, you face an unknown warrior, a fearsome black Crow. Who is this avatar? What coin does it represent? You fight with dedication in a breathless battle, but in a momentary lull you see the tastefully integrated coin information in the background, and realise that this Crow represents another exchange - Cro from After an engaging battle, you can choose to find out more about Cro and the services offered or represented by the coin. And since we plan to have a spectator feature where other people can watch the matches of others, Cro(w) and BNB have both received free advertising in an engaging way, growing the base of potential buyers and users of the coins, and the exchanges they represent. This unique functionality of us of connecting millions of users to thousands of projects in a way never imagined before is what is leading people to call us “The Binance of MetaVerse" Why exactly are they saying this? Because when you, as a project owner, list your token on a new exchange, many new people get exposure to your project and this tends to increase the hype and the price and the amount of people using your project or service. Similarly, once your project is integrated into MetaRivals, your coin or token is not only introduced to our huge user base (resulting in increased fame and much more), we also unlock a gaming and entertainment utility for your project.
TLDR: - Meet The New Dimensional Coin Market Cap in a P2E game We are building a great game with crypto avatars that our players are really excited about. Your community expresses their love and loyalty for your coin through PVP battles and more. Our gamers get educated about new coins and your project gets a ton of free exposure in a super cool way. Your token becomes even more valuable through the fame and increased utility we will provide. That’s why we can hold our heads up high when we say “MetaRivals - Connecting crypto projects to users in a truly New, Fun and Innovative way”

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