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MetaRivals-Volt 3D #NFT Update: AMA With Volt Inu on Dec 9, 2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello Guys. Hope you are doing great.

Yes, we understand that the crypto market is having a hard time but this is the time to stand strong. Also, needless to say, if your portfolio has VOLT INU, tokens, we are sure, it must have acted as a good hedge against the market downfall.

That being said, today, we want to share few announcements regarding the MetaRivals-Volt 3D NFT sales. The NFTs have been submitted to be minted on the Myria website which will be available to be purchased on the day of the sales.

metarivals volt inu avatar 3d nft sales
Source: MetaRivals VOLT INU Avatar

You might be wondering when is that day. Well, without holding much suspense (which we have been doing since a while), we are proud to announce the MetaRivals-VOLT 3D NFT (Batch 1) sales date on 9th December at 15:30 EST. However, before the launch of the NFT SALE, we are also planning a Twitter Space AMA session with Volt Inu project where we will unveil our MetaRival-Volt Inu Video Trailer and answer all the queries related to MetaRivals game and Volt Inu 3D Avatar integration which will lead to BURNING of tokens. The AMA session is set to take place on December 9, 2022 at 15:00 EST.

Set the Twitter Space Reminder:

The NFT sale will be carried out in 3 batches. The Meta-Volt NFT Sale Batch 1 will be EXCLUSIVELY available on only our partner NFT marketplace Myria at a whopping discount of 20%. There will only be 30 NFTs available for the sale, so fastest finger first.

However, the Meta-Volt NFT Batch 2 sale will be held on a BSC chain based NFT marketplace but without any discount in price as offered in the Batch 1 sales.

The NFTs for Batch 1 and Batch 2 will be super rare and will never be minted again. These NFTs will give your VOLT 3D Avatar very powerful dynamics in the game which won't be available to the other new comers of the game who will be downloading it at that time. These players aka NFT holders will be a part of our elite players group and will FREE future game weapon airdrops, event passes, and more!

A Treat For All VOLT INU Fans

We are truly impressed with the kind of love and support VOLT INU community has showered upon us and to give the same love back to the community, we have a trailer video of VOLT 3D Avatar making some really amazing moves in the MetaRivals metaverse.

The trailer video will be released on Twitter on 9th December 2022 at 15:30 PM EST. We will also be sharing a glimpse of MetaRivals metaverse in which the VOLT INU 3D Avatar will be exploring our metaverse.

Play The Video

Also, as discussed in our previous article, we will be using 12% of the Volt Inu Batch 1 NFT sales to burn VOLT Tokens.

What's In The MetaRivals-VOLT 3D NFTs?

Owning MetaRivals-VOLT 3D NFT is your only ticket to enable the powerful VOLT INU character in the MetaRivals metaverse. There will be 3 categories of NFTs that will be available to purchase in the Volt Inu Batch 1 sale on Myria website.

The 3 categories are SILVER, GOLD & DIAMOND. There are different level of attributes in each category with Diamond category being the strongest followed by GOLD and Silver.

MetaRivals-Volt 3D NFT Categories & Attributes

In the Volt Inu Batch 1 sale, there will only be 35 NFTs to be minted out of which 30 will be available for sale and rest 5 are reserved for the winners of the MetaRivals x Volt Inu Contest which we conducted 20 October 2022.

The NFT rewards will be sent to their address as soon as we conclude the Volt Inu Batch 1 sale.

The next 3 weeks are going to be roller coaster ride for all of us. We will be having AMA with Myria & Volt Inu Official as well to share more updates with you right before the NFT sales. Stay Tuned.

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