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$MRVL Ecosystem, Token Utility, Use cases, and Treasury Staking Ecosystem

What makes a successful cryptocurrency? There are many factors, but tokenomics, utility, and an efficient ecosystem are of vital importance to boost a token’s fundamentals and adoption and ensure its long-term sustainability…

As Prince Pratap Singh, our COO at MetaRivals, says,

“If your ecosystem doesn’t reward your own pillars of existence, the token holders and players, you are building a house of cards, one blow and it’s down! Sustainability can only be brought through dedicated supporters"

When the MetaRivals team was brainstorming innovative ideas to ensure the commercial success of our game, driving the benefits of this success back to our token holders was always our priority.

Devashish, our CMO at MetaRivals believes,

We are building a metaverse game that’s not only addictive and fun to play, but also makes the players real that their time and efforts have great value. We are utilizing the blockchain tech with such an efficiency to create an ecosystem never seen before!

We know that the path to an addictive and fun-to-play and successful project is a long game, and particularly in the initial stages of this journey, it will be the support of our community, the token holders, that will help us to stay the course. We want to make sure that those who support us from the beginning, are later on incentivized for being our ecosystem’s backbone.

Moving ahead with this vision, we wanted to design a metaverse gaming ecosystem where the token holders and the gamers, in return for the support they provide, also get a share in the platform's success.

We are, therefore, profoundly ecstatic to introduce the revolutionary

MetaRivals Treasury Staking Ecosystem

This is based on a proven model first introduced by the COTI network, that we have adapted for our game.

The Treasury Ecosystem is an established, tested, and state-of-the-art staking service that maximizes and enhances the exposure of $MRVL holders within the MetaRivals ecosystem.

This blockchain-powered Treasury is a risk-free pool of $MRVL where users can deposit their tokens and receive rewards for their participation. The pool grows over time as the treasury receives fees, directly or indirectly, from the entire ecosystem which is converted through open market operations to $MRVL and added to the Treasury.

The ecosystem is designed in an efficient way whereas the pool grows, so does stakers deposit.

What this also essentially means is that every player that plays the game, becomes a part of the ecosystem and can get incentivized until eternity with the fees generated through other players in the future, without needing to refer anyone or making anyone pay any sort of fees, all thanks to this model and the blockchain technology.

This also means that it allows players to increase their rewards since they can deposit the rewards they receive through our Play-to-Earn ecosystem into the Treasury, and then earn even more tokens! Consider this example to understand the concept better: Let’s say a user has deposited enough $MRVL to represent 1% of the pool by earning rewards through our play2EARN model. A month later, the pool has grown considerably through other players’ and various ecosystem fees. Now the user holds 1% of the new pool size, which would be equal to more $MRVL than what they had initially deposited.

Simply put, all the possible interactions in the game, whether it is battling your rivals, participating in contests and tournaments, in-app purchases, warrior/weapon NFT sales, or minting character progress NFT, will translate to growth of Ecosystem and thus MRVL as well as incentivizing of players who staked their rewards.

This model aims to decrease the selling pressure usually noticed in other Play2EARN games. More details near the launch.

Simply put, all the possible interactions in the game, whether it is battling your rivals, participating in contests and tournaments, in-app purchases, warrior/weapon NFT sales, or minting character progress NFT, will translate to growth of Ecosystem and thus MRVL as well as incentivizing of players who staked their rewards.

This model aims to decrease the selling pressure usually noticed in other Play2EARN games. More details near the launch.

Now, let’s explore the use cases for $MRVL

(1) Governance Rights

$MRVL tokens will be associated with the exclusive right to choose and vote on which coins and tokens will get integrated into our game like warriors.

(2) Integration Fees for new coin

Our gaming ecosystem is designed to attract not only crypto fanatics but also gamers from non-crypto backgrounds and users who are interested in the play2earn concept, as well as players who just love the idea of a new and thrilling beat ‘em up arcade game with gorgeous graphics. This guarantees us an enormous player base.

Therefore there is a huge benefit for coins and tokens that become integrated into our game as beautiful coin avatars; our large user base will provide a lot of exposure and hype to these projects. In the initial stages of our game, there will be absolutely no integration costs charged to the coins.

However, once our game reaches a critical mass of players, we will begin to charge integration fees to support the $MRVL ecosystem. A considerable share of these fees will be sent to the Treasury, which in turn ensures greater sustainability and rewards for our gamers.

The good news for coins with a great userbase and community is that even in the later phases, there will be NO integration fees for such trending coins.

(3) Fees from Challenge Battles

For days when you are not willing to take risks and just want to have fun, you have the option of playing MetaRivals in the free play2earn mode.

But for days when you need that adrenaline rush, you can play "the Challenge Mode", where you can play exciting all-or-nothing tournaments. In these contests, players on both sides contribute tokens, and then the winner takes all.

Players will be required to pay a small platform fee to play such modes, and these fees will be sent to the Treasury.

(4) New Characters and weapons NFT sales

(5) Yield farming opportunities in our partner DEXs

We will be working with many TOP DEX’s to provide yield farming stakings to support the liquidity and use cases of our Ecosystem token- $MRVL

(6) Weapon borrowing and lending

Maybe you are looking to earn some $MRVL but do not wish to take part in a battle just now. . Or perhaps you have an important battle to fight but do not have the right weapon. In either case, weapon lending and borrowing is the answer!

Our game allows you to save your weapons as NFTs. Through the NFT lending/borrowing feature, you can then lend your weapons to other players. The borrowing side can use the weapons to try and triumph over difficult battles, and the lending side receives the lending rewards in $MRVL. The MetaRivals treasury will receive a small share of the fees generated and so this is yet another way in which the ecosystem and treasury will grow and benefit.

(7) In-app purchases

While the battles are free and in fact they reward you for your playtime, we will introduce many in-app purchases which though may not necessarily boost the performance of the player, but it still will perform as a nice souvenir like collectibles, artifacts, weapons and warrior skins, etc, the sale proceeds of which will flow to treasury.

(8) Book Private battlegrounds or special play areas to fight with your friends

Want to have a blast with friends? Use your MRVL to Invite them to private battlegrounds and special play areas to have a fun and unique experience..

(9) Buy ad spaces of the battlefield

The vast and diverse audience that our game is expected to reach, opens incredible opportunities for advertisers. Advertising within the game will bring great exposure to products and brands. Interested advertisers can purchase ad spaces, which can only be bought with $MRVL, and fees will be sent to the Treasury. In order to ensure an enjoyable playing experience, we will only permit ads that fit well with the themes and aesthetics of the game. Our graphic designers will work with interested advertisers to help them achieve this.

(9) Special discounts for character and weapons for $MRVL holders.

Purchasing NFTs of new characters and weapons using $MVRL grants an instant 10% discount!

(10) Fairness for all players

Fairness in games is crucial for an ethical and enjoyable gaming experience. In today’s market many games, especially in the mobile gaming sector is very unfair.

We frequently see that some players have the edge over others because they have better weapons, higher ranks, greater strength, etc, and this can lead to frustration and disappointment. With this in mind, we have designed our game differently.

To give all the players an equal chance of winning tournaments, and to support the $MRVL ecosystem, the players that hold more $MRVL will receive more health, attack strength and attack bearing capacity to compensate for the lack of better weapons. This feature can only be availed of in tournaments, and cannot be used in free Play to Earn battles, meaning that even those who do not hold $MRVL will still have the opportunity to fight and win based purely on dedication, skill and strategy.

In conclusion, with our team’s innovative ideas and dedication, we have developed a token that has a highly efficient ecosystem and many practical use cases. After reviewing the existing gaming market, we believe that our token has more utility and use cases than any other crypto game in existence or in development, which means a better, more lucrative, and sustainable rewards system. We expect that MetaRivals’ futuristic approach to recreation, play, and earning is going to disrupt both the traditional and crypto gaming worlds.

Join the MetaRivals gaming revolution! Be the first to know about upcoming releases, and have your say in our future, by connecting with us on social media today! Telegram Chat|| Telegram Announcement || Twitter

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