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MetaRivals Origin Game Download: Buy NFTs & Play Game & Win $100

Updated: May 25, 2023

BIG NEWS! The time has come, the most awaited moment in the history of MetaRivals!

Our game is ready for playing, earning and winning!

1.5 years ago, we developed the concept of MetaRivals. A fun place where crypto communities could fight and connect with each other. Whether to vent rivalry in the metaverse or team up to show solidarity for a favourite coin or project the entire cryptocurrency community was waiting for a platform like MetaRivals.

And it is with utmost pride today that we are launching the 1st Test Version of the game, and this is your chance to be the first to access it! (And get the juicy bonuses associated with showing us your excitement and loyalty!)

You can download The "MetaRivals V1.APK" file from here: Click Here

There are two ways to access the game.

  1. Connect your web3 wallet like Metamask, so that you can earn MRVL Points which can later be redeemed into MRVL Tokens later in the future (at a ratio which is to be decided later by the community)

  2. Simply access the game by downloading the game and filling in the details. In this way, you can enjoy the fun and fighting but you won't be able to earn MRVL points or tokens.

To access the MetaRivals game via Web3 and start earning, you also need to own the MetaRivals 3D NFT of the crypto avatar that you are choosing. Currently, we have 3D NFTs for PolyDoge & Volt Inu characters which you can buy from our OpenSea profile.

MetaRivals OpenSea profile: Click Here

We have already made the game live for our test players and the gaming server is handling the traffic pretty well. At peak hours, we are getting an average of around 5000+ players LIVE on our game.

Disclaimer: Since it is our Test Version, you may end up witnessing some glitches or lags in the Game which is completely normal. We are yet to refine and polish the user interface. Feel free to give us feedback. Also, Google might warn you to download our game but that is only because we are in our test phase/dev phase. So there is no issue as such. Feel free to download the game and share your feedback. We are a fully doxed team by Myria.

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